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All you need to know in order to upload your own design for printing

Files you choose to upload must be in PC-format (Mac format is currently not supported).

Please follow these guidelines when you prepare a file or a logo for uploading:
  • The file size must not be larger than 2MB.
  • The file resolution must be exactly 200ppi (pixels per inch).
    All calculations and specifications are based on the assumption that the resolution of your file is 200ppi.
  • The file format must be compatible with our system which supports the following file formats: (*.jpg,*. jpeg).
    Please consider both the "full bleed" size of the various products and their final (cut) size, as presented in the "File Types and Sizes" table below.
  • In some cases the uploaded file might have a layer of white background around your chosen design due to incompatible layers. If so, try to use another template from our template bank, one that has a lighter background.
    e with a brighter background.
  • Every file or logo you are preparing to upload should be in an RGB color mode.
  • Colors - please convert all files into the RGB color mode. If your file has been created in CMYK color mode you must convert it to RGB before uploading. The CMYK color system is the printing industry's standard for process printing. RGB colors are mostly used for computer and TV screens where R stands for red, G for green and B for blue. Such colors often look different on different types of screens. Professional users and graphic artists calibrate their screen colors in order to ensure that the color they see on their screen is the exact printing color, but regular users usually see on their screen a different color than the one produced in actual printing. Although in most cases the difference is unnoticeable, please keep in mind it might happen.
Remember: when uploading a file, please check the following: resolution, file size, file color mode and actual size.

If you have any questions or need help please contact us.

Product Types And Sizes (*)

Product TypeFull Bleed SizeUpload
23x11 Envelopes1817x872 Pixel
25x18 Envelopes1975x1422 Pixel
34x24 Envelopes2683x1894 Pixel
A4 Sized Flyers1724x2220 Pixel
A4 Sized Letterheads1678x2362 Pixel
A5 Sized Flyers1185x1669 Pixel
Business Card Magnets708x410 Pixel
Business card Sized Stickers708x410 Pixel
Business Cards708x410 Pixel
Classic Sized Invitations1598x812 Pixel
Free Business Cards708x410 Pixel
Funny Stickers410x410 Pixel
Hanging Calendars1890x1339 Pixel
Letter Sized Letterheads1724x2220 Pixel
Postcard Sized Invitations1394x1000 Pixel
Postcards1118x866 Pixel
Premium Brochures2220x1724 Pixel
Square Magnets410x410 Pixel
Square Stickers410x410 Pixel
Stamp Mouse 20291x110 Pixel
Vertical Business Cards410x708 Pixel
(*) The above table is based on the assumption that the uploaded files resolution is 200 PPI .

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