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Refrigerator magnets
What is the advantage of refrigerator magnets?
Refrigerator magnets
Refrigerator magnets are the best advertisement tool for several reasons:

  • first of all they are useful. Not like business cards or flyers those magnets have important rule in the kitchen. Evan if the information on the magnet isn't relevant for a potential customer he will probably use it anyway, and the magnet will be there till the information will become relevant.
  • Usually refrigerator magnets will stay on the refrigerator for long time. This will promises that the information on the magnet will stay in the sight of the potential clients therefore it will enter to the customer subconscious.
  • Since they are magnets and usually placed on the refrigerator it is hard to lose them. A business card or a flyer can fall out from the pocket or the wallet but refrigerator magnet will stay on the refrigerator.
  • Refrigerator magnets are small and light, you can always carry some with you to hand out when necessary. It is also easy to send them on regular mail.

How to design better refrigerator magnet ?
  • since the refrigerator magnet is small it is important that it wont be too loaded with writing. Sometimes more is less. 2-3 sentences with the contact details is enough.
  • It is important that the picture on the magnet will be relevant to the written information. This way The customer wont have to read the magnet - from a short glance he will know what it is related to .In our web site there are more then 10,000 diferrant templates. You can see them in this link :
    http://www.dcp- print.com/products/Business_Card_Magnets.asp
  • Usually the most stick out magnets are the ones with the strong colors.
    Click here to see our refrigerator magnets templates .

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