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Our privacy obligation
We, at DCP-Print, consider our clients privacy to be of utmost importance.
As we collect your personal details when you make a purchase through our website, it is our duty to let you know the exact methods by which your information is collected and safeguarded.

The information we gather
Any website user is entitled to move freely within it and refrain from providing any information except during the purchasing stage itself where he is required to provide such personal details as:
Address for sending the job and the bill
E-mail address
Phone number
Credit card details

In addition, we also collect information regarding your preferences and activities within the website by creating cookies in your computer at our request. These cookies enable us to identify you as a user of our website and allow the system to identify you on future visits to the website so as to retrieve the orders or operations you made or your various preferences, as you defined them when you logged into the system in the past.

Your information is used in the following way:
1. The information you provide during the purchase process is used to complete your order and carry it out as
    speedily and efficiently as possible.
2. The e-mail address you provided us will enable us to acknowledge the orders you made.
3. Should you choose to join our registered clients club, we will use your e-mail address to send you special offers,
    discounts, etc. Users who have joined the clients club but are not interested in receiving such offers may ask to
    be removed from the circulation list by sending e-mail to the following address info@dcp-print.com .
4. Please consider the fact that we may use a document produced through our website (such as a business card)
    and present it as promotion and advertising material for the website, including its presentation on our home page
    or other pages included in the site. If you object to such usage, please notify our client service department and
    we will act according to your wishes.
5. In no case will any information you provide as you browse our website be transferred to any third party, unless
    this is required in order to complete your order and/or payment.
6. Private information relating to a client will never be divulged to any third party, unless the client explicitly agrees
    to such disclosure and it is required for making a purchase.

As a business dedicated to the security of our customers, we use SSL technology in order to encode the sensitive information relating to your purchase process, providing maximum security to financial transactions .

This technology is particularly suited for making online purchases and is considered state of art encryption technology for information relating to purchases made on the World Wide Web.

Sensitive information (client and credit card details) is transferred in encrypted form using the SSL standard and is subsequently saved in encrypted form.

The password you select and your e-mail address complement the security of your account with us. You may change your password from time to time.

Our client service department will be happy to answer any other question you may have on these issues.

The DCP-Print Team

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