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The Importance of Proofreading your Work
Its a new world, You can live in China and order the new R.E.M disc from N.Y. You can be in the middle of a trip to South America and keep working as if you were sitting in your Madrid office.
The world has become a small village connected by billions of information strings. When you are using the services of an online printing house such as Dcp-print you need to remember that when you press Enter, your design is sent all the way from one part of the world to another and you get all the benefits of low prices and high quality. This is why you have to proofread your work before you complete your order.
The manufacturing process in an on-line printing house like DCP is very fast. From the time your order arrives it may take no more than a few minutes before it is ready for cutting. This is only to be expected when the IGEN3 Xerox new digital printer, can print 50 A3 pages in a single minute.
So even though you may be as far from the actual print machine as the other side of the world, and in a completely different time zone, your business card will be printed and ready for dispatch within minutes after you approve your order with a single mouse click.
The proofreading process, which only takes about 2 minutes, can make all the difference between satisfaction and disappointment. What good is a business card if your phone number is incorrect?
So before you approve your design and launch the incredibly speedy process that will produce your card take a few minutes to carefully go over everything before you click that YES button.

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