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The Golden Rules of Business Card Design
When you design your own business cards online, you have to remember the great importance of color mix and different shades.
  1. When using an illustrated template to design your business card always write the text within empty spaces and not on the colored parts. It is very important to keep the illustrations whole and not obscure them with your text or logo.
  2. Do not use dark text on a dark background nor light text on a light background. It is important to maintain the contrast between text color and background color.
  3. It is not always recommended to use large fonts. Remember that a business card is something that you read from close up. You can use a font size of 10-11 points for the body of the text and a font size of 7-8 points for the contact field (phone number, E-mail etc.). Our recommended fonts are Arial and Times New Roman, as they are the clearest.
  4. When you want to emphasize something on your business card its better to use a larger font than to make the letters bold. Bold fonts tend to be unclear when printed.
  5. Use the graphic as a lead for the text If the graphics make a straight line, use that line to put the text on top of it. This will make your card look neat.
  6. If you are designing both sides of your business card, you may want to have some identical elements on both sides, such as the color or the shade of the text, or part of the template illustration. This will help maintain the same logical and design sequence.
  7. If both sides of your business card are equally important, make sure that you dont overly emphasis one side.
Its a lot of fun designing your own business card, and if you follow these simple rules you can be sure that your card will look great.

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