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Promotional Magnets
These days, the business magnets serve as an advertising and marketing tool that is becoming more and more popular. They are effective because they dont wear out and their cost is relatively low.

At first, refrigerator magnets were used mainly as business cards. Professionals that would come to fix or to perform different jobs in homes and offices would leave behind a business card magnet to be applied on suitable surfaces (fridge, door, and so on). This is a very effective marketing tool: every time the home or business owner needs a plumber, technician, or any other professional he doesnt have to sort through piles of business cards or even search the phone book, because the business card magnet is applied in clear view.

Later on, restaurants, local Laundromats, flower shops and so on started using the refrigerator magnets as well. The reason is that as well as their low cost, distributing the magnets is a simple and effective process, and all the marketers have to do is apply magnets on his customer's door or give them away in their local shop.

Since then, magnets have evolved and become a highly creative marketing tool. Most of the ideas originate from the United States; here are two of them that might get your creative juices flowing:
  • Calendars as promotional magnets these magnets will attract attention over and over again because every day or every month you remove a page or check the dates of different activities. Thus, the company's presence in the home or business is guaranteed for a full year, and considering the relatively low cost, this is an impressive achievement.
  • Big magnets, the size of an A4 page and bigger promotional magnets of this type can be used as jigsaw puzzles for children (and as such, the marketing message will be delivered in a happy atmosphere), or maybe as car magnets (which are highly effective for applying the logo or the promotional message of companies because you can transfer them from one car to the next without damaging the paint of the vehicle. Even if the magnet is stolen, the promotional message will spread among magnet collectors and the company can simply apply a new magnet).
There are many diverse possibilities in field of magnets. If you own a small business and your marketing budget is limited, promotional magnets (whether it is refrigerator magnets or in any other kind of magnet) might be the perfect marketing solution for you. In order to create an effective marketing tool, you must give much thought to the design of the magnet. Design it in a way that attracts attention and is relevant to your target audience.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the design or you want the help of a professional designer, our design team is at your service at all times.

The advantage of magnets, beyond their low cost and durability, is that they are usually applied in clear view on accessible surfaces (refrigerator, door) and people do not tend to throw them out, as is the case with most promotional messages that are printed on paper.
We have an easy and simple ordering process and unbeatable prices, and you can order any number of units. If you want to design the magnet yourself, you can do that in three simple steps:
1. Choose a category.
2. Choose a sub-category.
3. Choose the template that suits you needs.

Start here the process of designing your own promotional magnets.

Otherwise, contact us and our design team will help you create a customized magnet. We will be happy to assist you at any time with any request.

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