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Making the most of first-impressions
Today, more then ever, it is vital that you make a remarkable impression when you start a business meeting or when you find a business opportunity. Research shows that the first 90 seconds are the most important part of a meeting.
Those initial 90 seconds are all the time you have to Break the ice, make a remarkable impression and create an interest in your product or service.
Many people think that the best way to Break the ice is to tell a joke but this is not always the right way.
It depends on the type of people you're meeting with and the type of product or service that you want to promote. If you are selling life support equipment you will have to be as serious as you can be.
The second hurdle you have to overcome is to make a memorable impression, and the best way to make that impression is to use a beautifully designed business card that will tell the story of your business in a few words.
Your business card should include a picture or a drawing connected to your professional sector or your special expertise.
The golden rule of designing your own business card is to always use a light background and a dark font. All studies show that most people consider black on white or blue on cream as more respectable then other color mixes.
So, if you are looking for a card that will draw a different reaction from those you meet, use black or blue font on the background of your choice.

If you're just taking your first steps in the business world, you probably dont have too much money to spend, so it's important that you get your business cards at the lowest cost you can find. Luckily, there are now quite a few online design and printing firms that will let you design your own business card for free. You only pay for shipping and handling.
The third and most important step that you have to achieve during those initial 90 seconds, is to create an interest in your product or service. There's a golden rule here too: Bring a sample. Sure, I know it sound simple, but it turns out that a lot of marketing people rely on their verbal ability and forget to bring something tangible for their prospective clients, something that will help them present their product in the most immediate and advantageous way. Remember you only have those precious seconds to convince absolute strangers to invest time and money in your product, your service or your idea.
When you can't bring an actual physical sample of your merchandise (because it's too big, or its still only just idea, etc.), you can create a Powerpoint or Flash presentation that shows your future partners exactly why they should invest their time, money and sometimes even dreams in your product or project.

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