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Low-cost and effective marketing for small businesses
    There are some low cost ways to market your small business effectively and without too much effort: promotional items. These will give you great returns and will alleviate some of the stress of promoting your business. Promotional items can sell your business on a daily basis. You must decide which items suit you and then just spread them around. Here are some ideas:
  1. Fridge magnets Almost every business has a magnetic space of some sort, and every house has a fridge. The idea is to design a special looking magnet, one that can be used as a decorative item. Whether it is a magnetic commercial, or a magnetic business card – design it according to your target audience, but make sure the design does not look cheap and amateurish.
  2. Brochures Whether you are a big company with thousands of employees, or a one-man operation, the good old brochures are still effective as a promotional tool. Be creative: print them in shapes other than the traditional square, for example, in the shape of a flower, a star, a tree and so on. Alternatively, make the design extremely attractive. Carry your brochures with you always! Spread them around as much as you can.
  3. Promotional postcards These are useful and easy to give away. People and businesses are always happy to receive free postcards. Again, with the right design that suits your target market, the postcards can be distributed without any effort on your part.
  4. Business cards This is one of the best printed marketing tools. To maximize your business card print the front and the back of it. The front can carry your name and contact information and on the back you can print your tagline, values and so on. Allow your creativity to flow on the back of your business card. Tip: we offer free business cards.
  5. Calendars Every office, and many homes, would love to display your calendar for all to see. There are two effective ways to design your calendar: the first, take one picture, or 12, of a happy customer buying your product, of your shop or of the product/service you provide. The second is all about words. Use one or 12 catchy taglines for your business, or write twelve ideas or tips that are relevant to your business. For example, if you are in the field of house cleaning products, write house cleaning tips, and so on. Either way, make sure your logo and business name are clearly visible.
Try to remember that a good promotional item is one that is being used or looked at often. Try to produce promotional items of the highest quality within your budget. Otherwise, people will equate the quality of the promotional item with the quality of your product or service. With us you can use an existing design, choose from our wide range of design templates, or use our help with designing all of your promotional print products custom made for your business. We work both on and offline. Back to Article

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