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The process of creating an invitation, whether it is for a wedding invitations, a baby shower, a birthday party or a business event, is an important part of the event planning.

We have developed a process that makes it easy and simple to order and create any kind of invitation you wish. Our services include:

1. On and off line service, for your convenience.
2. An easy and simple ordering process.
3. A wide selection of templates.
4. Anyone can easily create a personalized design.
5. A design team at is willing to assist and advise you.
6. Two sizes of invitations – postcard size and classic size.

Invitations are not just the announcement of the event. They are the preview of your party’s style and theme.

There are a few creative ideas for making your invitation a special one. Here are some ideas to make sure your invitations project the right tone and personality for you and the kind of even you are planning:

1. You could print your invitation on a magnet. This way it will stand out and will not be thrown away.
2. It is always nice to add a certain items to your invitation, say a pressed flower or a road map of the events surrounding area.
3. Use bold colors. Traditional invitations used to be white or cream and the fonts black or brown. Today, bright colors that stand out are the latest hit and they attract attention. Remember that guests usually post invitations on their refrigerators, so use colors that will make your invitations look like a work of art.
4. The latest trend is to match your invitation color with the location of the event. If it is a garden wedding choose greens and floral colors, for a corporate event taking place in a building, use silvers and grays, and so on.
5. You can take a graphic and use it as a theme throughout all your print items. Meaning, your invitations, RSVPs, place cards, menu cards, and thank you cards would all have the same graphic. The idea is to keep one design theme.
6. Invitations today can be designed in a range of styles, from hard-cover book design to invitations embellished with embroidery, crystals, jewels, and so on.

The design you choose for your invitations should reflect the atmosphere, style or theme of your event. Your invitations are laying the foundation for your affair so choose carefully and make sure they suit you.

With us, you can either choose from a wide selection of templates and create invitations in just three simple steps, or use our design team for designing your own unique and customized invitations.

We use high quality print and paper that is produced by internationally leading companies. Plus, we have the best prices on the market.

Start here the easy process of designing your own postcard size invitations or classic size invitations.

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