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Ground Breaking Marketing - How to deal with any crisis?
Welcome to the fifth guide in the "Ground Breaking Marketing" series.
Our Goal in this series is to give our clients the marketing advice they need in order to progress their business and career to the next level. We truly hope that you will use the guides, increase your income, and remember that we are by your side- always.

Any business can get into a crisis at some point. The ability to deal with a crisis or an income downfall is vital for preserving the self confidence that would allow you to break through faster to more profitable areas.

So how do you deal with a crisis really?
There is a simple process that includes 3 steps:
1. Objective examination of the situation
2. Finding the best possible solution (even if partial)
3. Going through with the solution until you see results- while changing as necessary

In order to examine a situation objectively and efficiently it is necessary to be emotionally detached from the situation. It is much easier for us to help and advise a friend in trouble while we are not directly involved. The interesting thing is that if we encounter a similar problem, ourselves, it is more difficult (in most cases) to deal with the same effectiveness.

A simple technique to do this is to look at what is going on as if you were a bystander, and examine the facts as they are logically without the drama. Then think what you would do if a friend or a relative would have been caught in the same situation. The answers you'll get would be much better.

Afterwards, out of all the possible ways, choose the easiest, simplest and fastest way to solve the problem- or at least part of it.

Now you need to keep at the solution you've chosen while paying attention to the results on the way, and repeating the process from the start as necessary.

The key for the entire process is the detachment from the unnecessary drama, and focusing on the facts which are the main issue. You might be tempted in the middle of the way to go back and think of the meaning of things in the emotional aspect, for many reasons and justifications, but remember it only stands in your way to find the best solution.

For the end of this guide I would like to know if you have any questions, thoughts or opinions. Please send them by email.

Clarification& Disclaimer: The information presented in the guide is for educational purposes only. DCP will not be liable for an achievement or non achievement of results or damages, directly or indirectly, caused by using the information in the guide. Any use of the information is under the reader's responsibility alone. Clicking to view the guide will be considered agreement for the terms above. It is important for us to emphasize that the purpose of the guide is to improve the customers' comprehensive service, and provide a higher level of support for the customer's benefit.

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