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Ground Breaking Marketing - How will you always make a cross-sell?
Welcome to the third guide in the "Ground Breaking Marketing" series.
Our Goal in this series is to give our clients the marketing advice they need in order to progress their business and career to the next level. We truly hope that you will use the guides, increase your income, and remember that we are by your side- always.

This week we will be dealing with the issue that troubles every business owner, and practically every sales man. This issue is the attempt to increase the size of any sale closed. One of the best ways to do that easily, is with a cross sell. What is important to understand is that cross sell can be done with every sale, regardless of the size of the transaction.

A lot of people give up in advance for the attempt to cross sell, for reasons related to a specific situation or other personal reasons. Also, the attempts to make the cross sell are done in a blind way, and the worst thing is to increase the aggressiveness of the sale in the same situation.

What is the solution?
The key to every sale, which many companies understand today, is good service. A good service starts with the initial sale, and not in a case of a problem created afterwards. Selling to a client should be while fully listening and understanding the needs of the customer, and matching of the sold product or service to these needs. This way, trust and understanding are built, and they make closing the sales much easier. Beyond that, they will open the door for additional products or services sold.
In order to implement this successfully, at the initial sales conversation you should not only find out the customer's needs for that specific sale, but also learn about other needs that you can fulfill as addition- and also hear about other people that could use your services or products.

At the first stage of implementing this technique, it is recommended to make a list of products or services, of low cost (but valuable to the customer) in comparison to the primary products sold, and can be added to the primary ones. Even if you add 2 or 3 of these additional products you would be able to increase the size of your sales.

For the end of this guide I would like to know if you have any questions, thoughts or opinions. Please send them by email.

Clarification: The information presented in the guide is for educational purposes only. DCP will not be liable for an achievement or non achievement of results or damages, directly or indirectly, caused by using the information in the guide. Any use of the information is under the reader's responsibility alone. Clicking to view the guide will be considered agreement for the terms above. It is important for us to emphasize that the purpose of the guide is to improve the customers' comprehensive service, and provide a higher level of support for the customer's benefit.

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