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Ground Breaking Marketing - How will you double your current clients almost for free?
Welcome to the second guide in the "Ground Breaking Marketing" series.
Our Goal in this series is to give our clients the marketing advice they need in order to progress their business and career to the next level. We truly hope that you will use the guides, increase your income, and remember that we are by your side- always.

There is one very simple, extremely effective, way that will help you double your clients almost for free- and that is referrals. If it is so simple and so effective you must be asking yourself, why isn't everybody doing it? The short answer is, that a lot of people don't know how to implement it, and don't even try since they foresee a sure failure.

But imagine yourself what would be the meaning, if every client would refer to you only one other person? Or if only half of your clients would refer to you just 2 people? You would just double the number of your clients.

What are the elements that influence the creation of referrals?
- Quality of merchandise
- Quality of service
- Pricing

For professionals that don't sell merchandize items, the service is also to be considered as the sold merchandize.

Now we would refer to each of the elements in order to achieve maximum effectiveness:
  1. Quality of merchandize- In case you supply items of merchandize (whether they'd be silverware or cars), the items must be in the best quality you can get. Of course any kind of merchandize is available in several levels of quality and accordingly are their prices. Take a shoe store as example. By the firms producing them, shoe models can differentiate in their qualities and more so in their durability. All you need is be honest completely with the client regarding the quality and durability of the shoes he is interested in. It is legitimate that more expensive shoes would be in higher quality and durability than cheap shoes- and it is important to tell the client about it. It can motivate him for a purchase of higher quality shoes, and also appreciate the honesty and integrity. Nonetheless a high price tag and deception about the quality of cheap shoes would lead to a negative phenomena, which is the opposite of the desired referrals- that client would recommend others not to buy.
  2. Quality of service- This is the central and most influential factor. A service that produces referrals is: professional, honest and based on friendship. In order to provide professional service you must know all the details regarding the products you sell, or the service you provide. In case you don't have all the information about products, the simplest thing to do is ask the manufacturer, supplier and/or colleagues in your industry or work place. Any detail that you give your client about your product or service must be true, relevant and real. Honesty is giving details that are important to the client during the deal close, and that might cause the client a bad feeling after the purchase and even demand for cancellation. Friendship is the highest level of service. The meaning is, treating every client as a close friend. Both during the purchase and especially while taking care of an unusual problem the client has which is not his fault.
  3. Pricing- Needs to be attractive, but one that fits the product. You shouldn't charge a high price for a faulty product or a low quality one- since it creates a negative chain reaction. The effect you can use in terms of pricing is- under promise and over deliver. Meaning, payment that would be perceived by the client as low for the product or service, and in exchange would be given value perceived as higher than the price he paid. For example, appliances' technician, can do for the client an extra job (beyond what was initially discussed) that for him might be easy and simple, but for the client it can have great meaning and he would be grateful.
After we combine these 3 elements together, almost every client, and also you as clients, would refer other people to any business owner or self employed professional that would provide this level of service.

Now that the deal for the product or service is done, by all 3 criterias, how do you ask for a referral?
During this entire process a close relationship is built with the client, and the request would seem very natural even if it comes out blunt. But just in case, it is recommended to do so delicately. The first and foremost attitude is not to look desperate for clients or business at the time of the request. The second attitude is to maintain the internal friendly feel you have for the client, and not turn the look in your eyes to cold and demanding. A place that treats you with warmth is a place you'd always want to come back to.

After your business is finished, you can use the following approach: If you know someone that can use the services (for example: home improvement) or merchandize (for example: pc peripheral equipment) that I provide, I would be happy if you talk to him and I'd be in touch with him later. This is my card (and then you hand him over your business card). (And now to the most important part)- and if you ever need anything, you can always call me:

For the end of this guide I would like to know if you have any questions, thoughts or opinions. Please send them by email.

Clarification: The information presented in the guide is for educational purposes only. DCP will not be liable for an achievement or non achievement of results or damages, directly or indirectly, caused by using the information in the guide. Any use of the information is under the reader's responsibility alone. Clicking to view the guide will be considered agreement for the terms above. It is important for us to emphasize that the purpose of the guide is to improve the customers' comprehensive service, and provide a higher level of support for the customer's benefit.

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