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Ground Breaking Marketing - Make More Money Easily
How will you find all the customers you will ever need ?

Welcome to the first guide in the "Ground Breaking Marketing" series.
Our Goal in this series is to give our clients the marketing advice they need in order to progress their business and career to the next level. We truly hope that you will use the guides, increase your income, and remember that we are by your side- always.

One of the most important things to do in any business is to keep a full list of all the clients and prospects you come in contact with. Even if it's a past client that didn't buy, or a client that broke off connection, you must have a full list of all of them. The list must include at least the following details:
1. Full name
2. Phone numbers
3. Address
4. Last buy/service provided

When you have a full list of clients you would be able to contact and keep in touch with all your clients. It is important to understand that in order to run a successful business you must continue and market yourself to all your customers- so they would stay yours in the future and to encourage additional buys from them. All your customers will be divided to 3 kinds: Past clients, Current clients (made a recent purchase), New clients.

How to find new clients ?
One the issues that concern everybody are "How to get new clients?" That is why we start by it. In order to get clients you must first understand who your client is. For example if you have a baby products' business there is no point to invest marketing efforts in the population of single 20 year old men (at least in most cases). It is preferable to focus the marketing on prospects that your service or products are truly relevant for. Let's build the identity of your prospects:
Demographic Position
Financial status
Marital status
External looks and clothing
It is important to say that every characteristic can have a few matches. For example, a food products' business can fit people in a wide range of ages, comparing to kids' clothing business.
After we know who exactly fit our requirements and who we are looking for exactly, it would be much easier to find them is it?:)
We also need to define a geographical activity range.
Can you serve clients from all over the country? Only in a region? Only in your town? Or only in your neighborhood?
You need to think what is the max service range you can reach and provide proper service. Try to find ways to increase your range as much as possible.

Now, when you look for new clients you will know who you are looking for and where to find them.

What is the potential of your current clients ?
The next stage is your current clients. There is a misconception for many people that if a client purchased recently you don't need to make contact with him. Exactly the opposite is true. For a client that bought from you before, there is a very high chance to come back and repurchase again and again if:
1. Your service is satisfactory
2. Your offer has real attractive value- even for you
3. You provide quality products

As written above, it is important to continue and market to your current clients to preserve them (so they won't go to your competitors and to solve service problems) and to create repeat purchases and referrals (which will be discussed in the future).

Why your past clients are so important ?
In the last stage we will refer to past clients. These are clients that haven't bought from you in a while, or even shown some interest but didn't buy. Past clients have high potential for purchase, since they already know you and your business- that is why you should market to them. Even if there was a service problem that caused the disconnection, it is almost always possible to correct a negative impression and renew the relationship in infinite ways. Yet it is important to pay attention, whether those clients still me the criteria we defined earlier for potential clients.

Clarification: The information presented in the guide is for educational purposes only. DCP will not be liable for an achievement or non achievement of results or damages, directly or indirectly, caused by using the information in the guide. Any use of the information is under the reader's responsibility alone. Clicking to view the guide will be considered agreement for the terms above. It is important for us to emphasize that the purpose of the guide is to improve the customers' comprehensive service, and provide a higher level of support for the customer's benefit.

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