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Does your business card reflect your business spirit and advantages?
Stop reading.
Take your business cards out of your file holder or wallet.
Look at one of them.
Do you think this card presents you in the best way possible?
Is it well designed? Can people who see it immediately grasp the advantages of your business?
Most businesses dont pay enough attention to the process of designing their business card in a way that will reflect their organizational spirit. Often, a secretary will just send it out to a graphic designer to make it look good.
What they don't realize is that a business card can be a powerful advertising tool, if you know how to use it.

Here are a few tips on the most efficient way to use a business card:
First, review your business and make a list of all the advantages that make you unique in your professional sector.
Find at least three different advantages.
Second, create a double-sided design business card.
On the front of the card always put your business logo in the upper left corner.
Your name, title and how people may reach you (phone, address, email, website, etc.) all go in the center of your card.
Your special advantage and the benefits for your future clients, both go on the back of the card.
Benefits that you may consider offering can include a 10% rebate on special products, or a discount to the bearer of your card or coupon. In this way, you can motivate people to keep your business card and use it when they need service in your line of expertise.
Third, make your business cards unique!
Laminate your cards to make them stiff and respectable. Remember, many companies issue regular business cards to their line employees, but laminate the cards given to managers. Laminated cards give you a touch of class.
You see, it's quite easy to use business cards as a powerful promotion tool and the benefits of this process are extraordinary.

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