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Digital Printing- a successful invasion or the end of the offset printing era
It often seems as the digital printing exists for a long time. Actually the first digital printing machines that were in reasonable quality were first seen in the late 90's.

At first it seemed that the digital printing was only going to take over the niche of color printing. Serious printing houses did not grant great importance to digital printing at the beginning. They referred to the digital machines such as Indigo and the first Xerox machines as copy machines in all senses.

The first digital printing machines mainly became established in new generation printing houses- printing houses that what characterized them is the ability to produce very quickly business cards, invitations, flyers, stickers etc. Printing items produced in small quantities and in high speed. The disadvantage was the mediocre printing quality. Digital printing houses firstly took a bite of the traditional printing houses income when it came to fast production.

At the beginning of 2004 at the Drupa exhibition the Xerox Igen 3 machine was launched and at the same time Indigo Company was purchased by HP. Indigo kept on improving her machine and despite certain disadvantages produced excellent quality for her customers.

The digital printing houses began purchasing these machines and as a result of this process they owned at first a machine which is capable of coping with the traditional offset printing in quantities of up to 1000 prints in as much as quality, price and certainly in a short production time.

The digital printing machines enabled the printing houses to execute an order of business cards for instance from the stage of sending the file to the stage of receiving the product by the client in less then an hour!!!

At the last two years we have been witnessing the invasion of digital printing into the traditional printing houses. These put in digital machines and open a digital department in order to provide fast and quality service for their clients.

The general tendency in the last few years and the continuous improvement process of the digital printing machines in addition to certain advantages such as operating variable information, small runs such as business cards and printing small quantities, all these imply on the bright and shining future that waits for the digital printing.

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