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Digital Print A Short History and General Overview
The print revolution took place in the middle of the 15th century, thanks to Johannes Gottenberg, a businessman from Germany. Gottenberg invented a printing press that was capable of printing books automatically. The Bible in Latin was the first book ever printed automatically.
Within a short time, books become very popular and a lot of printing houses were established. The time needed to print a book became very short and book prices dropped. Thanks to this revolution a lot of common people could learn to read and write.
How did these machines work? Gottenberg used letters made from iron, which he manually organized on the page. The letters were arranged in reverse order to get the best effect. Once the print was set, the printer would spread ink on the letters and press them onto the page. The iron letters were taken out and rearranged in a new order for every page in the book.
Although the simple idea behind Gottenbergs invention is still in use, only a few printing establishments now work in the old way. Most printers now make printing plates by means of computer technology and many no longer make plates at all, because they are using digital print technology. A skilled printer can organize the pages for printing in such a way that he can print more than one page on both sides of a single sheet of paper thus achieving a highly efficient work process.
As computers have become increasingly sophisticated and versatile, digital print houses have become widespread.
Although paper is no longer the only medium for print, and printing houses now print on a huge variety of material, including paper, cloth, plastic and parchment, the majority of printing is still done on plain paper.

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