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Business cards are your image
Maybe you have noticed and maybe not, but you can hardly find someone without business cards nowadays.

Business cards have invaded our lifes with the same intensity and simplicity the digital printing and the home printers have. It is so simple to enter a printing house and order 1000 business cards for your self nowadays. In order to design efficient business card you should make sure that the next details will appear on the card:
* A full name in bold and in a large font
* Address
* Phone and Fax numbers
* E-mail address
* Website address (if there is one)
* Title description or profession such as: Accountant, Sales Manager, Pediatrician etc'.
* A personal photo or a picture which implies on the business can be added as well.
There is a certain advantage in adding a personal photo to the business card which helps the person who receives your card relate it to you.

Business card design
Prior to the designing stage one must think how to match it to his occupation.
Obviously a business card which is intended for a lawyer will be designed in a conservative manner while a business card intended for a graphic designer will be designed in a more "cheerful" manner. A conservative business card will include very little graphic figures and maintain a rather clean line. A business card for a gymnastics instructor will include a graphic figure or a picture which will express the gymnastics theme and color full text. It is always recommended as much as possible to avoid usage of delicate nets, delicate color transfers and colors with problematic shades. All of the above is certainly right and refers to every company designing a commercial logo for itself. The usage of problematic colors such as these could cause inconsistent results when reprinting the business cards such as color differences etc.

Passing on the message
The most important thing in producing business cards for your self is passing the massage. The message should be of seriousness and professionalism. The business card is not designated to advertise you or your business but is designated for that people will contact you when necessary.

Printing business cards
Business cards nowadays are usually printed in digital printing or offset printing.
Most business cards are printed on 300 GSM (100lb) or on 350 GSM Matte paper.
Many print business cards on recycled paper.
The standard size of a business card is 9*5 cm.

Business card magnets?
By adding a magnetic sheet on the backside of the business card you can turn your card into a promotional media by all means. One must notice those promotional magnets are most suitable for those who are in the food department, real estate, electricians, plumbers etc.

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