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Branding your small business
Your logo is not just some symbol, it’s the face of your business and it is your philosophy, your values and your attitude. Your logo is an explanation to the world what you are all about; it is your business identity and image. For this reason, the design of your logo must be the starting point of any branding undertaking. If you do a good job, people will end up recognizing you by your logo. This is true not only for the big companies. Just because your business is small, it does not mean you have to look small. If you home-print your business cards, you will look and be treated like a small time player.

Put maximum efforts into designing the logo, as much as your budget can afford.

If you are struggling with designing your logo, you can turn to us for help.

Try to choose a simple but strong logo, one that can be imprinted into people's minds easily and quickly. Not everyone can be Coca-Cola, but you can do your best to differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out in your local market.

If you get this one wrong and design a mediocre looking logo because you wanted to save money, you will soon realize you need to rebrand, which will end up costing you more than investing in a good logo design from the start.

Once you have your logo, it's time to come up with a good tagline. This is an extension of your logo, the essence of your identity and intention expressed in one sentence. Surf the net for ideas, brain storm with your employees, and if you don’t have any, brainstorm with your family and friends. Write down a few options and then try them out on a few trusted clients. Their reactions can determine which tagline is the best for your business.

Your next step is to get all your print marketing material in order. Get rid of old stationary, business cards, fridge magnets, brochures etc, which do not carry your new logo and tagline. Make sure that your stationary, business cards and all other promotional material are synchronized and carry the same logo and design.

If you choose to bring your print business to DCP-Print, we can save you money. We offer free business cards and other freebies, plus, we work both online and offline so you can create all your designs online or use our design team for custom made designs.

Remember, your logo and promotional printed materials are an important part of your business, spend time to design them well and you will reap the fruits for years to come.

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