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About Rubber stamps
Rubber stamps are in high demand right now. People love to use them for scrapbooks, greeting cards, and note cards. Kids love to play with them and they are also used by corporate for official and marketing needs.

As a marketing tool for a small local business, the stamps can be a simple, low priced fun object to spread around. Create them with different designs, put either an image or a catchy phrase and give them to local businesses and to your clients as a gift.
Schools are also a good place to give away you rubber stamp collection.
Your company logo can appear at one corner of the rubber stamp. Make sure it is small, yet clear.

Other than giving them away, you can use them on your marketing materials and stamp different images on them. Just make sure they are relevant, meaning, don't stamp a smiling flower on an official letter but use it in case you have marketing materials that are designed for children, or say, florists.

The design of your rubber stamps does not have to be relevant to your business. For example, if you have a local delicatessen and you want to use rubber stamps as a unique marketing tool, you are not bound to food images. Consider distributing them within specific segments, like schools, homes or businesses, and put the images that apply to the segment you chose.

The rubber stamps are suitable for anyone who likes to enjoy creating written materials, even if it is a secretary sending memos to all the office workers and decorates it with a stamp a small star, bird, sun or anything else you might think of.
When it comes to giving away marketing nick-nakcs, the rubber stamps can market you business in a most unique and enjoyable way.

With us, you can either order online from a selection of readymade designs or you can design your own unique image. If you want to design it yourself but don’t have to ability, please don’t hesitate to contact us and our design team will support and advise you.

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