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About Promotional Stickers
There are a few kinds of promotional stickers. First, there are the ones that simply carry your name and logo, which are good for distributing at trade shows, commercial events, mailing materials etc. But there also those which can be used as a fun promotional product, for example to be applied on your customers' car and this way your advertisement will be driven around town without any effort on your part.

Then, there are the informative stickers. There are two sides to every sticker and you can also use the back side of them. They can carry announcements, new, and advertising. You can also print on the back side of the sticker a survey, an entry form to a sweepstake or a subscription form, among others.
Give your customers something of value, something they will not throw away, something they will want to display in public because it's cool, useful, well designed or just because they want to spread the word about your business. For that, you must design your sticker well. They require as much attention as any other print material you produce. When it comes to designing your stickers, you must consider two things:
  1. It must be of some value to the customer so that they will apply it in a visible manner, say a car, a notebook, a window, a helmet, etc.
  2. It must attract the attention of people other than you customers.
The design must eye catching. The most effective design is a simple one, the advertising and info belong on the back of the sticker.
Before designing ask yourself:
How will you distribute it? Hand it out, send by mail, packaged with you products etc. and where would they be ideally displayed? cars, helmets, equipment, etc.

The answers to these questions will determine the color, size, shape and graphics. We offer three types of promotional stickers: square stickers, business cards size stickers and square polyester stickers. Once you have a strong, simple, attractive sticker you can consider ways to deliver additional information on the back of it. Here are some ideas:
  • You can distribute coupons which encourage future sales
  • You can inform prospects about other products and services
  • You can arm the public with important phone numbers and information
  • You can build your data base with registration cards, contests, free offers, etc.
  • You can create an eye-catching postcard which delivers timely information at a great price
  • The creative uses go on and on

Every business can in some way benefit from the use of promotional stickers. They are highly recommended!

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