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A Story of Online Printing
It was late and Sheldon Winds was at home. He was sunk in thoughts. It wasn't long after he arrived home from work. His business offers maintenance and repair services.
A great part of his clients are women from his hometown in West Australia.

Sheldon thought- "How can I get myself business cards and advertising magnets that I can hand out to my different clients and promote my name and business"?
It's been three days that he is trying to go to his printing house to get some business cards done and due to great pressure at work following the Christmas holidays he just couldn't seem to get the time to do it.
"Perhaps I can search the internet and find a closer printing house"? He wondered.
He took a sip from his coffee and began to search the internet for a printing house that he can go into the very next morning and order his business cards. Sheldon typed in Google the phrase "business cards" and two businesses appeared in the results: Vista Print and Dcp Print.
He began to read and could not believe what he saw.
He will not even have to leave his work study tonight for the sake of ordering business cards...
These two businesses that appeared first in the search results will allow him at a minimum cost to order business cards as well as magnets, stickers, letterheads and rubber stamps and almost any other printing product he can think of in a matter of minutes. Sheldon skipped through these two sites and decided to make the order at Dcp Print since The design and ordering process seemed more comfortable there.
All he has to do is choose a design from their image bank, add his personal details to the design and that's it- he made himself a business card. All he still has to do is choose the quantity, the desirable finish (with or without lamination) and the shipment method and the cards are on their way to him.

Sheldon completed the ordering process quickly. During the ordering process he decided to order promotional magnets as well. The whole process took no longer then ten minutes.
He chose a shipping method that will bring the cards to his doorstep in 5 business days.
After completing his order, he stepped out of his work study and went to sleep.
Sheldon didn't even realize that the order is being printed thousand miles away from him.
If he knew, would it matter to him? Probably not because the world has changed so much that any business even a small one can sell to clients in its own neighborhood and at the same time it can be globally webbed and sell to clients all over the world. Ordering printing products online is becoming more and more popular and allows clients to make orders comfortably, at excellent prices, without running back and forth to the printing house in order to make proofreading. There is no doubt that ordering business cards online is becoming a hit.

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